I was undiagnosed for 31 years with a medical condition that is as common as diabetes

That condition was endometriosis - an extremely painful condition where cells that form while you are still in utero, land scattershot across the inside of your pelvis and get "turned on" at the advent of your period, activating into what amounts to thousands of internal blisters. Over time the chronic pain causes a cascade effect of other symptoms, and because of all the inflammation your organs can start to fuse together, among other delightful things. Because of the shame and taboo around women's periods, and significant institutional clinical gender bias, most women get told they just have Bad Periods.

I decided to put my journey through the medical system to good use and started the site Bad Periods, which storehouses all the information I learned along the way, as well as practical tools like a how to get diagnosed treatment guide, and a seminar how to self-advocate to your insurer to get them to pay for your medically necessary surgery. I work with women,  doctors and insurers to advocate for better patient access to proper (and early) diagnosis and medically necessary treatment. I also write about the structures that contribute to the challenges of diagnosis and proper treatment for places like Teen Vogue.