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I create fresh, compelling, content for time-crunched marketing and C-level executives. I help them get from ideation and overwhelm, to results-driven and powerful speeches, editorial content, thought leadership and more.

What makes me different is that I have more than 12 years of Wall Street experience, as well as a background as a published poet and author. This crucial difference means that I am able to incorporate high-level strategy and narrative when I execute on a writing project. The result is authentic writing and content strategies that truly resonate with and inspire your audience.

Integrating seamlessly within large or small corporate teams, I am a trusted consultant for marketing departments who have overflow, large projects, or C-level communication needs, but do not have a line item for full time staff.

My clients include Deutsche Bank, The Bank of New York Mellon, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Capital Group. Other clients include Kaiser Permanente, AVON, Honeywell, Moviola and AirClic.

Email me at mwc (at) for a complete resume and writing samples.

CONTENT writing and Strategy Services

executive communications

  • Thought leadership (long and short form)

  • C-level ghostwriting (long and short form)

  • Executive speech writing, presentations, bylines, op-eds, thought leadership and book ghostwriting

  • Executive presentations

  • Board of Directors Reports and Communications

  • Change management and crisis communications

  • Corporate communications

  • Investor relations

  • Messaging creation and strategy

  • Video scripts

  • Corporate social responsibility and vendor diversity executive communications

WEB and mobile

  • Content marketing strategy and map

  • Editorial calendars

  • Branded and native content strategies

  • Website articles

  • Blog posts

  • Mobile app content and strategy

  • SEO editorial and social media integration

marketing and sales

  • Marketing collateral - print and web

  • Sales and Recruiting materials including presentations, print and web collateral for B2B and B2C

  • Integrated communication plans

  • B2C and B2B communication plans and execution

  • Marketing plans

  • Marketing communications

  • Special projects

  • Strategic partnerships and business development

  • Conference and event content strategy

  • Press releases

internal communications

  • Internal communications, strategy

  • Intranet editorial, employee and benefit communications

  • Change management and M & A communications

  • Corporate responsibility and vendor diversity program communications


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Capital Group is an 87-year-old, private investment firm located in Los Angeles, serving 200,000 financial advisors and six million shareholders with $1.8 trillion under management.

For decades, this white-shoe firm marketed their funds solely through advisors but it was clear CG now needed an SEO strategy online to complement their existing marketing efforts for their American Funds group of mutual funds.

As a Senior Writer at CG I implemented SEO keywords to create engaging editorial content on a wide variety of evergreen topics like What is Alpha?, Time not Timing and Limiting Losses. I managed reviewing previous content that appeared in other CG marketing platforms, creating original content and working with web designers and graphics department to create compelling SEO editorial with clear charts and graphs that would reside not only on the CG planning site, but be populated across platforms from the Wall Street Journal to The New York Times online as CG rolled out their content media buys.

The content is now part of their permanent digital footprint which drives millions of hits every month. You can view it here.

“Meghan was an absolute pleasure to work with, an excellent writer, and her deep domain knowledge in financial services is a rare asset. She can come up to speed on complex topics in virtually no time! Additionally, Meghan blends creativity with technical writing expertise, bringing a unique and compelling voice to any subject matter through any medium. Her writing is clear, interesting and engaging.”

-Adriana Senior, ,Vice President, Capital Group


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case study: The Bank of new york mellon Corporate responsibility editorial

The Bank of New York Mellon has provided investment management, investment services and wealth management since 1784. Currently managing more than $1.8 trillion assets under management, and $33 trillion in assets under custody or administration, the executive team wanted to highlight their corporate responsibility efforts in the community and internally.

I created compelling editorial on all of BNYM’s extensive corporate responsibility initiatives including vendor diversity programs involving the City and State of New York, and numerous local businesses and women’s leadership and diversity events and workshops.

I reported on and featured Women and Minority Owned Businesses (MWBE’s) who serviced BNYM in a wide variety of capacities, interviewing the businesses and local officials about the BNYM initiatives and support. BNYM was an early adopter of the City and State MWBE certification process and helped MWBE’s apply for and procure certification, setting them up not just for contracts with BNYM, but elsewhere in the city.

I also reported on women’s leadership and professional development workshops, events, speakers and mentorship in the community including GirlsReach, a program where girls in underserved communities had an opportunity for internships and mentors inside BNYM for the summer.

My editorial increased exposure of these programs by 3x, while incorporating key messaging and branding elements in all of the written reportage. The women’s leadership group almost doubled in my time there, and vendor diversity contracts rose by 15%.


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case study: Kaiser permanente messaging and communications plan

Founded in 1945, Kaiser Permanente (KP) provides more than 12.2 million people with healthcare with operating revenue of more than $72 million. When Kaiser Permanente launched it’s internal health technology startup at its headquarters in Southern California, it was a small group, tasked with going out into the technology marketplace to see what cutting edge systems would work to improve efficiencies and care for patients.

This was completely new territory for KP and I was brought in to define the mission statement, creating cohesive messaging and narrative about their core initiatives and highlighting projects through executive op-eds, editorial articles, and other content creation delivered through strategic internal and external communication channels. Working closely with the Chief Innovation & Transformation Officer, I delivered clear, concise communication that put the division on the map as a thought leader in the space.

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case study: small business association / California GO-biz content marketing STRATEGY

Founded in 1953, the Small Business Administration is one of the largest agencies in the federal government. The SBA supports more than one million small businesses in the U.S. with free business advising and assistance with lending through their Small Business Development Centers. Go-Biz is the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development in California. These two funders come together in a public-private partnership to create entrepreneurial opportunities across the state of California through non-profit centers.

I was brought on to create a robust SEO content marketing and thought leadership strategy for one of these centers and create an incubator pitch competition program to change perception of the center in the region. Managing a team of two, I implemented a multi-faceted growth content strategy and deployed a comprehensive, multi-platform plan. This included a blog, editorial calendar, bi-weekly newsletters and social media outreach designed to boost long-tail SEO, website traffic and support the center’s economic indicators.

The value-based SEO content strategy included a thought leadership series for the CEO, positioning her as an expert on digital and startup opportunities in the region. We also created an incubator pitch competition program to change perception of the center called Startup Mendocino.

Unique visitors increased by 271% and open rates doubled within the first three months of deployment. Click through rates increased by ten percent consistently throughout the nine-month deployment. Startup Mendocino garnered more than 82 applications, who were winnowed down to a final five that competed for prizes at a live event attended by more than 300 people. Carefully positioned front page press coverage across the region, radio coverage and op-ed pieces from the CEO significantly changed perception of this 30-year old center and attracted in the clients who most needed the center’s services.